Choices Aberdeen was established to promote positive relationships and support and empower people in making choices which will enhance their physical, emotional and relational wellbeing.  The charity’s initial aim was to provide a pregnancy and grief counselling service for those in a pregnancy crisis or suffering pregnancy loss.

The Therapeutic Listening services have been a core element of the service provision of Choices Aberdeen, and with growing demand in Aberdeen and surrounding area, our services are now accessible over the phone and online.

The second strand of our core services is our Relationship Revolution Project which is a youth intervention project.  With this service our volunteers visit Secondary Schools to promote and support positive relationships, engage with young people and give quality and relevant sex education using creative and challenging resources tailored to contemporary youth issues.


For individuals who have had actual experience of active addiction personally, as well as those who have been aected by a loved ones behaviours, and who are now in a place where they seek, have embarked on and or are actively involved in a, “Journey of Discovery” and have a heartfelt goal of establishing changes and initiating recovery as a reality in their lives. They will have read, understood and be willing to commit to and uphold the principles behind our Vision, Mission and Objective Statement and 10 Point Pledge. They will also have been informed of and assisted in an understanding of our Constitution.


Bethany Christian Trust supports over 7,000 people across Scotland.

We’re passionate about transforming lives and giving people a hope for the future. We’re working to end homelessness in Scotland…one person at a time.

Our services focus on preventing homelessness as well as alleviating the suffering of people who are homeless.

We provide tailored visiting support and community development. We also support individuals and families to help them address long-standing issues including: social isolation, unemployment, and drug addiction.


Christian Vision for Men – Ricky Bain, Director for North Scotland

“….introducing men to Jesus….and the Church to men”

CVM is a nationwide evangelistic movement, working to arrest the decline of men attending church.  We’ve found that when men do turn to Jesus, not only does it change their lives but it often has an amazing effect on their families as well.

Our aim is to see more men introduced to Jesus through men’s groups, and create an environment that makes the Christian faith accessible to the average UK man, and church, a place worth hauling themselves out of bed for.

Ricky Bain the Regional Director of Scotland (North), now based at Credo, Aberdeen, has a heart to see men transformed by the Gospel.


Aberdeen Street Pastors work during the night-time economy in the city centre. We seek to listen, care and help those in need or have found themselves in difficulties.  In addition, we run a small team of School and Retail Pastors.

We are interdenominational organisation and draw our volunteers from 35 churches across the city and beyond.  Our aims are to bring peace and a Christian presence amongst night life community by building relationships and serving where we can.  Where appropriate we take those opportunities to share our faith and pray with people.

Our values include working in partnership and therefore we work with the police, city council, churches and the business community. Ultimately, we strive to bring a positive impression of the local church and relevance to the Christian Gospel to those we meet.

Founded in Aberdeen in 2014, Ditch Debt with Dignity is a registered charity offering free and discreet confidential guidance and support to people privately struggling with their finances, but who are perceived to be financially stable. We assist to get them back on their feet so that they can continue supporting themselves and their families.
We understand the subtleties and sensitivities of their position, and operate a unique and personal approach.

The Church of Scotland seeks to inspire the people of Scotland and beyond with the Good News of Jesus Christ through enthusiastic worshipping, witnessing, nurturing and serving communities.

The Church of Scotland is one of the largest organisations in the country. We have over 340,000 members, with more regularly involved in local congregations and our work. Within the organisation, we have around 800 ministers serving in parishes and chaplaincies, supported by more than 1500 professional and administrative staff. Most of our parishes are in Scotland, but there are also churches in England, Europe and overseas.